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    Spark Your Interest in Electricity in partnership with Schneider

    Are you curious about how electricity works? Or do you ever wish you could repair a broken appliance? Well, this certificate is for you! You’ll learn how to wire electrical components, understand the dangers of electricity and be able to identify hazardous installations.

    Schneider Electric empowers all to make the most of our energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability for all.

    Modules in this course


    Module 1: Discover the Magic of Electricity


    Module 2: Principles of Electricity


    Module 3: Connecting Wires


    Module 4: Electrical Sockets and Light Fitting


    Module 5: Series and Parallel Circuits


    Module 6: Circuit Breakers


    Module 7: What is an Earth-Leakage Device?


    Module 8: What are Electrical Hazards?

    Skills You’ll Learn:

    • How to work with the relevant tools safely
    • How to strip a cable
    • How to connect cables together
    • How to wire plugs, sockets, light switches and light fittings safely

    Download the Trace Academia App now and get started!

    Download the Trace Academia App now and get started!