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    Intro To Basic Electrical Work in partnership with Schneider.

    Are you curious about how electrical equipment work? Or do you ever wish you are able to repair a broken appliance? Perhaps you think you want to do the electrical wiring of your house? Or maybe you are just want to know how electricity works? Well, this course is designed for you!

    Modules in this course


    Module 1: Principles Of Electricity

    You will know the basic electrical principles


    Module 2: Connecting Cables

    You will be able to connect wires/cables together


    Module 3: Electrical Socket And Light Fitting

    You will be able to connect a wire to a socket and/or a light switch


    Module 4: Series And Parallel Circuits

    You will be able to connect light fittings together


    Module 5: Circuit Breakers (Protection Devices)

    You will be able to connect a wire to circuit breaker


    Module 6: Distribution Boards

    You will be able to wire components in a small domestic distribution board


    Module 7: Electrical Safety

    After this module you will be familiar with electrical safety

    Skills You’ll Learn:

    • How to work with the relevant tools safely
    • How to strip a cable
    • How to connect cables together
    • How to wire plugs, sockets, light switches and light fittings safely

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