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    Get Started with Digital Marketing by Google.

    Are you curious about how electricity works? Or do you ever wish you could repair a broken appliance? Well, this certificate is for you! You’ll learn how to wire electrical components, understand the dangers of electricity and be able to identify hazardous installations.

    The Grow with Google program is a free training program sponsored by Google to help Africans learn how to make the most of the web for their businesses, careers, or personal lives. The target audience are job seekers, SMEs, and professionals. The program aims to help close the digital knowledge gap in Africa, improve employability and job creation. The program has trained over 5 Million Africans and is committed to training up to 10 million Africans by 2022. Participants can access the program as a group through one of many classes that take place across the continent, and also individually via its online portal at

    Modules in this course


    Module 1: What is Digital Marketing?


    Module 2: First Steps in Online Success


    Module 3: Plan Your Online Business Strategy


    Module 4: Build Your Website


    Module 5: Get Started with Search


    Module 6: Get Discovered with Search


    Module 7: Make Search Work for You


    Module 8: Be Noticed With Search Ads


    Module 9: Improve your Search Campaigns


    Module 10: Get noticed Locally


    Module 11: Help people nearby find you online.


    Module 12: Get noticed with Social Media.

    Skills You’ll Learn:

    • What is Digital Marketing
    • Build your online presence
    • Plan your online business strategy
    • Get started with search engine optimisation
    • Get noticed with Social Media

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