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    Own Your Situation by Durex.

    At the end of this course, you will have built the confidence and knowledge to feel more empowered in your sex life, make informed choices and own them. Agency and responsibility are key to a healthy sex life, and with this course, we hope to bring you the tools to reach this attitude and mindset.

    Modules in this course


    Module 1: Asking Someone Out.


    Module 2: Having the 'Talk'.


    Module 3: Buying Condoms.


    Module 4: "No" is a Full Sentence.


    Module 5: Why Use a Condom?


    Module 6: Sex is Fun.

    Skills You’ll Learn:

    • Adopt a mature, empowered approach to your sexual journey
    • Have honest conversations around the topic of sex
    • Make condoms an assumed part of your sexual experience
    • Get motivated to courageously own your choices
    • Change your behaviour through grasping the importance of safe sex

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    Download the Trace Academia App now and get started!