Our partnership with Leroy Merlin


Leroy Merlin supports people all around the world to improve their living environment and lifestyle, by helping everyone design the home of their dreams and above all to achieve it. Leroy Merlin is a part of ADEO which boasts a workforce of 89 000 employees, with 32 autonomous companies in 13 countries dedicated to 15 retail chains. It has customer base of 300 million households. As the founding enterprise of ADEO, LEROY MERLIN specializes in sales of products and solutions, and in doing so, makes unique commitment to provide home improvement solutions tailored to each customer’s specific needs. LEROY MERLIN is built upon seven values: honesty, generosity, respect for others, closeness, simplicity, consistency, spirit of performance. In the end, our values should benefit customers.


Leroy Merlin supports people all around the world to improve their living environment and lifestyle, by helping everyone design the home of their dreams and above all to achieve it. Leroy Merlin is a part of ADEO which boasts a workforce of 89 000 employees, with 32 autonomous companies in 13 countries dedicated to 15 retail chains. It has a customer base of 300 million households. As the founding enterprise of ADEO, LEROY MERLIN specialises in sales of products and solutions, and in doing so, makes a unique commitment to provide home improvement solutions tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

LEROY MERLIN is built upon seven values: honesty, generosity, respect for others, closeness, simplicity, consistency, spirit of performance. In the end, our values should benefit customers.


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"We joined Trace Academia because we believe that this platform will provide new opportunities for the youth by educating them and providing skills that can drive entrepreneurship and job creation in a time where it's needed"


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