Our partnership with Trace

“Created in France in 2003, Trace is a global Afro-urban platform for youth entertainment and empowerment. Trace edits 26 TV channels, 100 FM and digital radios and 3 digital platforms: Trace Academia, free online learning platform, Trace Pro, platform bringing powerful solutions to empower artists and boost music careers, and Trace+, the 100% Afro-urban streaming platform. Trace Studios produces content for Trace and partners: music videos, TV shows, series, movies, documentaries and artist interviews. Trace’s audiovisual, content and digital activities engage with 350 million people in 180 countries. For more information visit our corporate website


At Trace our mission is to entertain and empower our people to stand up and shine. We are a global platform dedicated to Afro-urban culture and you the success. Trace Academia is the perfect embodiment of these things.


Company Testimonials

““Trace is launching Trace Academia as part of our mission to empower the youth worldwide. There is nothing more efficient for youth empowerment than providing the right training leading to employability. And we will do it the Trace way, using our Afro-Urban entertainment and digital expertise to make this training cool and engaging.””


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