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    Learn on the go and level up with the Trace Academia app.
    Free and fun courses to broaden your horizons.

    Have Fun While You Learn

    We get it, studying can be boring and really daunting. That’s why we bring entertainment to the education space. We believe that when course material is fun and engaging, you will absorb and retain the information better. Our courses keep your attention and improve your chances of finishing them and getting your certification. We’re determined to arm you with the skills to progress, the tools to succeed and the confidence to stand up and shine… and have fun doing it!

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      Fun videos or engaging audio version of the courses

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      Interactive nuggets like quizzes, drag and drop, fill in the blanks, animation and quick tests

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      Discussion boards for you to discuss course material with other learners, make new friends and help each other along the way

    Highly Personalized for You

    The Trace Academia app recommends courses suited to your interests and strengths so that your experience of the app is personalized and you get straight to the courses that are best for you. All our courses are FREE, so the sky’s the limit. You’ve got this!

    Learn From Experts and Grow Your Skills

    Whether you’re looking to get into the Digital Marketing Space, start a business as a Handyman or Electrician, or learn more about navigating your sexuality, we’ve got you covered. We offer courses across 18 industries including courses about entrepreneurship, vocational courses and courses around soft skills and well-being.

    Courses are created in partnership with leading brands and education enthusiasts, using their expertise and market knowledge and ensuring that the courses we offer are aligned to the needs of employers.

    Unlock your future now and download the app