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    Trace Academia is a mobile app that offers FREE courses and certificates dedicated to jobs, entrepreneurship and soft skills. Trace Academia’s mission is to empower young people, with a focus on women, by providing them with free learning from the world’s best experts as well as opportunities to kickstart their career.

    The App

    The Trace Academia app is the go-to destination for the millions of young men and women who need an engaging and accessible learning experience to be empowered to succeed in their careers. The app offers free and engaging courses and certificates accredited by the world’s best brands and experts.

    Why Choose Us?

    Trace Academia offers free courses on the go, from the world’s best. Our mission is your success! Our app was built to empower you to learn for free as well as give you opportunities to find or create your dream job. Our app allows you to learn at your own pace, in your own time and take control of your future.

    Unlimited Free Learning

    There’s no limit to the amount of courses and certificates you can do on the Trace Academia app and they are all free! Come grow your skills with us. Download the app now.

    Our Partners

    Trace Academia has partnered with the world’s best brands and experts to create courses you’ll love. Our coalition of partners are dedicated to knocking-out youth unemployment and have shared their knowledge and expertise so that you can learn from the best.

    Our Certificates

    Trace Academia offers FREE courses and certificates dedicated to jobs, entrepreneurship and soft skills.

    Courses are shorter than certificates and teach one specific skill. Passing a course will get you a badge.

    Certificates are a series of courses put together to teach you a job. Certificates are accredited by our partners and offer a diploma upon successful completion of all the certificates’ courses.

    Trace Academia offers courses and certificates across a wide variety of industries, including music, beauty, fashion, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, hotel & restaurants, creativity, journalism, film, tech, public speaking, agility, electricity, DIY and well being.

    All our courses and certificates have fun quizzes, cool presenters and exciting videos to engage and keep your attention and help you finish your course or certificate. Explore our courses and certificates below and get started today!

    It is entertaining because of the videos, music is life and it keeps the youth entertained so we’re motivated to finish the courses.

    Tebogo -South Africa

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