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    Trace Academia is a fun and engaging online learning app bringing FREE education to the youth. We are an ecosystem of education enthusiasts, inspired by learning through entertainment, and passionately committed to revealing the power of our youth. We offer vocational, entrepreneurial, soft skill and inspirational courses, giving you the opportunity to find or create your dream job. Opportunity starts here!

    The App

    The Trace Academia app makes learning fun. We promise you won’t fall asleep during one of our courses. By fusing entertainment and education into one inspiring and inclusive world, we’re determined to arm today’s youth with the skills to progress, the tools to succeed and the confidence to stand up and shine.

    Why Choose Us?

    We’ve partnered with leading brands and education enthusiasts to create interesting and relevant courses. That means the courses offered on our app prepare you for jobs that brands are actually recruiting for. Industry experts bring their knowledge and Trace makes the courses fun and entertaining, increasing your chances of completing the courses and finding or creating your dream job.

    Opportunity Starts Here

    Give yourself the best chance at success with Trace Academia. Explore your career options and figure out what you enjoy doing by trying a few different courses. The courses are free so the sky’s the limit. Come grow your skills with us. Download the app now.

    Our Partners

    Trace Academia works with an ecosystem of partners, passionate about learning and personal empowerment. These partners include leading brands, companies, entertainment, digital and education experts. These are like-minded brands; education enthusiasts who are inspired by learning through entertainment, and who are passionately committed to revealing the power of our youth.

    Our Courses

    Trace Academia courses are developed with leading brands and experts ensuring that we provide a cool and impactful learning experience. Trace Academia offers courses across a wide variety of industries, including vocational courses, entrepreneurial courses, soft skill courses and inspirational courses. Our courses are entertaining and engaging, offering video, loads of interactive features, gamified quizzes, tests, discussion boards and more. Course content is tailored to the youth to ensure your success. Explore our courses below and discover the power of you.

    It is entertaining because of the videos, music is life and it keeps the youth entertained so we’re motivated to finish the courses.

    Tebogo -South Africa

    Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments. We love hearing from you.