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    2/3 of the 453 million African youth aged 15-35 are unemployed or underemployed!

    This is a time-bomb for the Continent.

    To help fix this major issue, Trace, leading brands, institutions and foundations have formed a coalition to launch the Trace Academia app. Trace Academia app offers FREE courses dedicated to the jobs of today and tomorrow, entrepreneurship and soft skills.

    Trace Academia will train 26 million young people by 2026 and guide them towards employment and/or entrepreneurship. Trace Academia beta app has been successfully tested in Africa and is available on the App store and Google Play. The consumer version of the app will be launched end of April in sub-Saharan Africa.

    Courses created with the best experts

    The educational content is created in collaboration with companies, institutions, experts, and entertainment specialists to guarantee that the skills offered meet the needs of the labor market and that the educational experience is engaging and stimulating. Successful learners get a diploma upon completion signed by Trace Academia and the partner.

    Google, Mastercard, L’Oréal, Canal +, SACEM, Visa, Schneider, AFD, Durex, Leroy Merlin, Bureau Veritas, Orange, Ford Foundation, Afreximbank, Accor-Kasada, UNESCO, the African Union, UJ, Valued Citizens, TPG, Satya Capital, Trace, Bains & Co. and many others have already joined the coalition for Trace Academia’s launch.

    These partners bring cash and/or in-kind contribution to produce and market courses related to their jobs. They benefit from the association of their image and their products or services with the training modules and the related communication. The partners are co-creators of the course and can also use them internally.

    An innovative pedagogical approach

    Trace Academia stands out with an engaging, fun, and effective educational approach, which combines the expertise of major brands with Trace’s know-how in entertainment and audiovisual production. At launch, Trace Academia will offer courses in key sectors for employment: digital • tourism • hospitality • environment • cultural and creative industries • energy • fashion • beauty • agriculture • entrepreneurship etc. Courses will be added each month with existing and new partners.

    Each Trace Academia course benefits from a massive multimedia marketing campaign that associates the brand of the partner, at no additional cost.

    Why Partner with Trace Academia?

    Trace Academia offers partners the opportunity to co-create courses and contribute to the production costs of said course. In return, brands receive access to all course content for internal use, branding on co-produced courses and visibility in marketing campaigns across the Trace ecosystem of media networks including 27 TV channels, 100 radio stations, websites, apps and social media.

    Join the coalition and help knock-out youth unemployement in Africa and beyond!