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    Trace Academia is an ecosystem of education partners, passionate about learning and personal development. We are brands and business leaders. Creators and enablers. Dreamers and makers and we’re on a mission to arm youth with the skills to progress, the tools to succeed and the confidence to stand up and shine. Help us to solve the youth unemployment crisis on the African continent and beyond. Contribute to a world of free courses, flexible options and real-life job opportunities. Come grow their skills with us.

    What is Trace Academia?

    Trace Academia is a FREE online learning platform that answers the need for education and employment of tens of millions of young people and professionals. The platform is built around a digital learning app that fuses entertainment and education into one inspiring and inclusive world. It’s a disruptive and scalable ecosystem built on a unique approach to learning that has been tested and proven.

    More About Our Learning Approach

    • Course content is developed with leading industry partners ensuring relevance and applicability in the real world.
    • The learning approach combines entertainment with education to deliver a unique, engaging experience that maximises course completion.
    • Interactive digital elements and gamification retains the attention of learners and involves them in the process.
    • Courses are certified by industry leaders, guaranteeing credibility and, more importantly, connecting successful learners to an ecosystem of employment enablers.

    Why Partner with Trace Academia?

    Trace Academia offers brands the opportunity to co-create courses and contribute to the production costs of said course. In return, brands receive access to all course content for internal use, branding on co-produced courses and coverage in marketing campaigns on Trace Networks.

    Get in touch to find out more about this exciting project and how you can get involved.