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    It is entertaining because of the videos, music is life and it keeps the youth entertained so we’re motivated to finish the courses.

    Tebogo -South Africa

    I really liked the teachers and how they were youthful and non-conventional looking, it definitely made me feel motivated to see someone similar to myself.

    Mbali -South Africa

    The videos are not long to the point where you start losing focus, they’re short and get to the point which is what we all want.

    Tsakane -South Africa

    The app feels young & fresh, and it contains useful and practical information that can help people like me get started.

    Ntsiki -South Africa

    The simple format and the direct test of comprehension is great because it removes a lot of anxiety that students have and it is an easily accessible platform which is created by a well known and trusted brand that resonates with the youth.

    Eric -Malta

    Many people are becoming influencers, content creators and bloggers and so this app is giving us the most simple but most effective rules to being successful in the different fields.

    Palesa -South Africa

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