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    How to Become a DJ by Trace

    Get ready to make your DJing dream come true! Beginners welcome to this course. You’ll learn all the basics regarding DJing history, the beat, the equipment, and get to master some advanced techniques to personalise your mix. You’ll learn how to make it professional too, with entrepreneurship tips specific to the music industry. In addition, you’ll get inspired by successful DJs sharing their experiences!

    Created and chaired by Olivier Laouchez, following the buyout of the eponymous magazine in 2003, Trace is a global platform dedicated to Afro-urban cultures and the success of young people. Trace publishes 27 television channels, a hundred radios, digital and mobile services that are used by 350 million fans in 180 countries, including France, Africa, the Caribbean and Indian Ocean, Brazil, England and the United States.

    Modules in this course


    Module 1: At the very beginning


    Module 2: Master the rhythm & beats


    Module 3: Dj’s toolbox


    Module 4: Prepare your set up


    Module 5: Beatmatching - the basic mix techniques


    Module 6: Do you speak music


    Module 7: Make it professional


    Module 8: Bonus - Your Roadmap

    Skills You’ll Learn

    • How to mix tracks
    • Music understanding and appreciation.
    • The technical aspects of being a DJ
    • How to monetize your DJ skills
    • The basics of creative entrepreneurship

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