Our partnership with Valued Citizens


As Valued Citizens Initiative, a Non-Profit Organisation, we connect, enable and inspire individuals in a quest to lead a value driven life as Valued Citizens. We are an implementing partner known for its impact in enhancing confidence, creativity, accountability and a sense of purpose from school to home, developing a value-driven society


We, Valued Citizens, are a Non-Profit Organisation. We connect with individuals to enable them to find their voice and lead a value driven life as Valued Citizens. We are a partner known for its impact in enhancing confidence, creativity, accountability and a sense of purpose from school to home, developing a value-driven society.


Company Testimonials

“With Trace Academia, Valued Citizens Initiative aims at reaching many more youth to take part in the 4th Industrial Revolution and developing ethical young entrepreneurs able to envision the world as a possible market. With Trace, we are committed towards youth’s employment and making the world, our oyster.”


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